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Black & Veatch Chile

老虎机网站龙8的网址We provide integrated infrastructure solutions throughout Chile and the region, working closely with the mining industry.


老虎机网站龙8的网址Black & Veatch has been operating from Santiago, Chile since 1993 and has delivered projects across South America for more than 45 years. Our more than 140 professionals support every stage of the project lifecycle, providing a full range of infrastructure solutions, including project management, engineering, construction and start-up services.

Strong, long-lasting relationships have been built with mining clients, helping them meet their sustainability and financial goals while addressing many of today's emerging challenges and opportunities. Our wide range of services to the mining industry cuts across water supply and management, renewable energy and conventional power generation, power distribution and transmission, pumped hydro storage, data center, telecommunications and much more.

老虎机网站龙8的网址We have delivered more than 350 infrastructure projects across water, power, oil & gas, telecommunications in nine countries throughout South America.

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Across Chile and South America
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Since Establishing Chile Operations
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Based in Chile

Delivering fresh water to the driest place on earth


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Black & Veatch Careers in Chile

老虎机网站龙8的网址Our work changes communities for the better by sparking economic development, strengthening public health and improving lives.

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