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Today’s water industry is becoming increasingly digital, with data analytics opening the door to powerful, useful insights that can address everything from water quality, asset performance and leak detection, to integrated planning and energy reduction.

Transforming the Water Industry

Climate Change Resilience

At Black & Veatch, we help communities to build resilience in the face of drought, natural disaster or climate change. Our team of experts can plan, design and build sustainable projects for drainage, flood and coastal defense, estuarine, and river basin management. We work closely with developers and planning authorities to protect people and property, guard habitats and safeguard the wider environment. Black & Veatch brings the resources and commitment to ensure success for integrated river, coastal and harbor projects.
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老虎机网站龙8的网址"Digital water is the critical enabler for a sustainable water industry. Data analytics is helping us guide utility leaders in long range planning and investment strategies by identifying opportunity, managing risk, and improving service to their customers."


Keeping Pace with PFAS

老虎机网站龙8的网址Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) are mostly unregulated chemicals. Stable and highly resistant to heat, oil and water, PFAS are used in products from firefighting to food packaging to consumer goods. Because the characteristics that make them effective in products also allow them to migrate easily through soil and water and persist in the environment, PFAS are drawing increased scrutiny from health agencies, utilities and the public for their effects on human health. This webinar reviews the chemistry and use of PFAS, discusses regulatory strategies and trends and provides a pragmatic look at the issue from the drinking water, wastewater/biosolids and utility perspectives.

water services

Water Services


We make the use of water - whether it’s raw water, drinking water, wastewater, stormwater, or recycled water - resilient, reliable, safe, and affordable wherever and whenever it’s needed.


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