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Sustainability and Citizenship

Opportunities to overcome our world's greatest challenges together.


老虎机网站龙8的网址 We have several initiatives to help our professionals, and the local leaders, and talent we hire to execute major projects, to be safe and healthy, both at work and beyond.

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Our projects meld economic, community and environmental needs and span many sectors. We also take a special interest in water as an essential resource.

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Enriching communities through influencing personal and economic growth. We seek to improve STEM skills, create jobs and grow the prosperity of communities where we work.

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Enabling your Journey to Sustainable Solutions

By installing and managing our own microgrid in our World Headquarters, Black & Veatch professionals are able to evaluate the latest energy technologies and resources as part of its ongoing operation. This means our energy experts can more effectively serve clients who plan to install and test these advanced new energy systems老虎机网站龙8的网址. As an added benefit, Black & Veatch is reducing its energy costs while providing its engineers with hands-on experience with these innovative technologies.

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